Bill Oldham

tli_web_redesign_board_thumb1Over the last two decades, Mr. Oldham has led many cutting edge and dynamic companies in a broad range of industries. From bringing telemedicine to the remotest regions of the Middle East to bringing data integration to our nation’s military to supporting project management automation for the UN’s World Food Program – Mr. Oldham has led teams and projects bringing innovation and technical excellence across geography and industries.


Following the sale of his company, Evolvent, to ManTech in early 2012, Mr. Oldham has consulted with ManTech in the development of its health business including a focus on large partnerships and on mergers and acquisitions.

As Chairman & CEO at Evolvent from 2004-2012, the company demonstrated innovation across many projects including:

  • Reduce the cost of care delivery through process analysis, automation, and integrating systems with improved work processes
  • Developed a solution for open-source database technology to support the federal insurance exchange for Medicare and Medicaid
  • Developed an integrated solution for the Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record connected the DoD and the VA
  • Leading Air Force Medicine’s implementation of Lean Six Sigma to define, analyze, and reengineer processes to improve care and reduce costs
  • Leading work process automation analysis and implementation efforts supporting global image management, medical evaluations, wounded warrior initiatives, and PTSD/TBI programs
  • Supporting DoD/VA information sharing initiatives and leading architectural efforts to change the technology base for both organizations to a lower cost model
  • Leading Army telemedicine initiatives in support of Wounded Warrior programs to bring psychological health support to our veterans more quickly and to improve access to care
  • Reduce the sustaining cost of technology through modernizing architecture, consolidation strategies, virtualization, and systems migration
  • Created the Air Force Medical Service Knowledge Exchange – a healthcare knowledge management program currently serving more than 45,000 global users, ran the Knowledge Architecture team to build global solution for the Air Force to consolidate and leverage knowledge resources for humanitarian and medical support operations around the world
  • Prior to Evolvent, Mr. Oldham led development of wireless home healthcare monitoring and data collection service to automate “business” and documentation needs of home health workers, building a solution to reduce the time required to complete Medicare documentation and improve care plan data capture across the continuum of care. At the same time, this team led development of telemedicine tools in support of Indian Health Service tele-psychology programs, building a web-based solution to extend care capabilities to remote patients in disadvantaged communities.

While working in the Middle East in the 1990s, Mr. Oldham was Project Director for MeduNet, a non-profit health information exchange/network in Saudi Arabia linking all Kingdom hospitals. This network developed early standards for analyzing the requirements for electronic patient records in Persian Gulf countries, and constructed a dedicated national network for telemedicine and information sharing which supported telemedicine, distance learning, networked clinical information systems, internet access, and video-conferencing – providing a humanitarian, dedicated network to provide healthcare resources to the remotest regions of the Middle East. At the same time the telemedicine services developed allowed for International provider continuing education or workforce development programs. The network provided the technical platform and supported course design and international educational partnerships for first Saudi school of nursing for women.

Throughout his career, Mr. Oldham has sought ways to leverage technology to improve the performance of health care globally – better serving patients and providers at the lowest possible cost.


A published author and speaker on cybersecurity, Mr. Oldham has led many projects across commercial and federal clients in security applications, networks, and IT infrastructure. Knowledgeable across the spectrum of investment and operational choices in cyber, Mr. Oldham brings a wealth of both domestic and international experience in the cyber community, including:

  • Built VA’s first Incident Response Center consolidating network and incident monitoring and action response teams.
  • Managed security programs across DoD health and non-health clients.
  • Managed security programs providing consulting and remediation services to commercial clients.


While at Evolvent, the non-health business in IT ranged from strategy consulting to large architecture programs, including:

  • Analytical consulting to the US Air Force on their seat management strategy including training and analysis services for total cost of ownership of IT across the Department.
  • Analytical consulting to the US Department of Energy on Records Management.
  • Architecture services for the implementation of records and web content management across the US Department of Agriculture.
  • Architecture, consulting, and implementation services across records management programs throughout the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Mr. Oldham’s career started on Wall Street working in the financial information services industry. Leading North and South American operations for a small technology company based in the UK, Mr. Oldham was able to use technology to transform sales and service delivery, expand partnerships and networks and better support customers. Following this experience, Mr. Oldham left the financial industry for healthcare and work in the Middle East. That experience, coupled with graduate education in the UK and Holland, has led to a belief system grounded in global experience.

Investments Since Evolvent

Since 2010, Mr. Oldham has also been a partner in BroadLeaf Acquisitions – a financial advisory and investment organization based in suburban Washington, DC supporting the growth of middle market firms in technology, energy, health, and cybersecurity.

Community Supporter

Mr. Oldham also demonstrates a belief in the value of family and community through his efforts supporting a variety of causes and local programs, outlined below. Mr. Oldham believes that philanthropy is part of good citizenship. Personally, Mr. Oldham has a history of giving back to the community with donations of money, talent and time. Organizations helped in the recent past include:

  • TACA, Talk About Curing Autism, Newport Beach, CA
  • Central Union Mission, Social Services for the Homeless, Washington, DC
  • Episcopal Relief Fund, Diocese of Louisiana, New Orleans, LA
  • Loudoun Interfaith Relief, Loudoun County, VA
  • Wagner Scholarship Fund, Scholarship Grants to Children of United States Air Force Medical Service Corps Officers, San Antonio, TX
  • Whitman-Walker Clinic, non-profit, community-based HIV/AIDS Clinic, Washington, DC.

Thought Leadership & Innovation Foundation

Mr. Oldham is also the founding principal and President/Chairman of the Thought Leadership & Innovation Foundation (TLIF), a group of strategic thinkers and highly experienced professionals in the health and federal communities that strives to affect policy & execution across healthcare writ large. TLIF is currently supporting several federal research and consulting engagements and developing a research program across numerous chronic disease management issues as well. The Foundation has five mission support areas of interest–chronic disease, care design, education, environment, and economic empowerment.

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